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About Us

Mohammad Hosseinpour Vice Chairman of the Board & Production Manager
Masoud Bonabian CEO
Mehdi Hosseinpour Chairman of the Board & Sales Manager

Khavaran Leather Company

Khavaran Leather Company is one of the most modern and largest factories in the world with more than 8 thousand square meters and a daily nominal capacity of 30 thousand square feet.
This company has been in the field of production since 2018 by using the latest technology of the world’s leather industry and using educated and distinguished graduates and experienced staff to meet domestic needs and to be present in the largest global markets.
Khavaran leather in its supply chain from the latest technical know-how and the best quality raw hide and chemical materials produced in Europe to the production of the highest quality heavy cow and buffalo leather for use in the bag and shoe, belt, furniture and aircraft industries in all sizes and variety of materials and Color has been paid.
It continues its production with a mixture of love, art, color and industry by exporting leather to all parts of the world to revive the Tabriz leather school with all its strength. The products of this company are mainly exported to Asian and European countries.
The production process in the tannery begins with the receipt of raw hide and continues through the stages of several days and various physical and chemical operations, and finally the raw hide, which is perishable, becomes a resistant and incorruptible product that is both beautiful and It is remarkable in terms of durability and health.
The variety of materials and colors in Khavaran leather factory is unique and with its flexible production line, it can produce and supply all types of leather required by related industries in the fastest time.
This company has tried to minimize environmental damage by controlling its effluents and sewage, and it also ensures the health of its leather by controlling consumables.