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President’s visit to Khavaran Leather Company

President’s visit to Khavaran Leather Company

According to IRNA, Tabriz is the hub of Iran’s leather industry and the first modern leather factory in Iran was established by the late Sedkiani under the name of “Khosravi” leather factory about 95 years ago and after seven years this industry expanded in this city.

The development of this industry started from Emamieh neighborhood of Tabriz and then expanded to Saadi street until 1362 and the number of leather factories reached 42 at that time.

Even now, there are a number of symbols of leather factories in these neighborhoods, but due to the urban nuisance of the units located in this neighborhood, the production units were moved between the village of Khajeh Dizj and Mayan under the name of Charmshahr.

With the activity of these units in this place and the expansion of leather manufacturing units, the number of active units has reached about 364 units.

This place was known as an industrial area until 1379 and lacked infrastructure facilities, and at that time, the number of 230 leather factories located in this place were facing many problems.

Based on the approval of the government board to establish a private industrial town, the first private industrial town in Iran was established as leather makers in Tabriz and the necessary infrastructure was provided in it.

Currently, about 90% of the country’s total leather exports are made from East Azerbaijan.

The leather and footwear industry of Tabriz, whose products were once exported to European markets including Italy and Germany, has been in a coma for about 2 decades and is not in a good mood. The problems of the units located in Charmshahr, Tabriz.

The global reputation of Tabriz leather and shoes has been fading day by day since about 2 decades ago with the smuggling of cheap and low-quality Chinese leather and shoes on the one hand and the import of products from a fierce competitor called Turkey on the other hand.

In explaining the history of the leather and shoe industry of Tabriz, it is worth mentioning that the oldest shoe in the world, which is about five thousand years old, is now kept in the shoe section of the Tabriz Municipal Museum.

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